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Daniel started developing software in 2006 with PHP and web development. During his computer science studies he focused on Java and especially Android development. After obtaining his master’s degree he joined Enough Software in 2015, which later got acquired by Open Xchange.

Microsoft and CWA labor union urge FTC to consider interests of other stakeholders–gamers, developers, workers–before embarking on litigation against acquisition of Activision Blizzard – FOSS Patents

Microsoft and CWA labor union urge FTC to consider interests of other stakeholders–gamers, developers, workers–before embarking on litigation against acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Posted: Tue, 06 Dec 2022 10:15:00 GMT [source]

She has been responsible for the layout, design and text editing of previous editions of this guide. In her spare time, she likes to travel, draw, play the guitar and video games. Sarah is an apprentice for digital media design at Open-Xchange.

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In March 2011, the Small Cell Forum published the first APIs that define how to create and write new mobile applications based on small cell technologies. These APIs have already been used by Telecom Italia and Alcatel-Lucent to develop a museum application that provides multimedia information about specific exhibits in closest proximity to the user. That means she is engaged with User Interface, User Experience and graphic design for mobile applications, as well as coding.

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Here you’ll find categories for forums related to PC and PC building, Apple, gaming, accessories and more. Join the community discussions to learn about how to build your own PC, troubleshoot software issues, discuss accessories or just show off your current setup. Get a high overview of how AWS Amplify works and how to leverage the power of AWS to build mobile apps quickly. Automating that workflow means that builds are now delivered automatically, based on which builds have been given a ‘green light’, or marked as ‘good to go’ when testers approve a test build. All-in-all, that saves Antoine’s developers 30 minutes every Monday, which adds up to a lot of time they can redirect towards things they want to learn, focus on, or build.

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In his spare time, he likes to draw, play with his retro computers and spend quality time with his family. Robert has given talks at various conferences such as Droidcon, CeBIT, MobileTech Conference and more. He is currently product manager for e-mail and chat apps how to become a mobile developer at Open-Xchange. Dean works on secure design, development and testing of applications at AT&T. Over the past several years he has focused on driving security requirements in mobile applications, for consumer applications as well as internal AT&T mobile applications.

  • Previously to founding his own company, Christian gained extensive mobile marketing and product management experience at Delivery Hero, growing the international app business.
  • If you want to know how to drive conversions and gain visibility in the Google Play and Apple App Store, she is the one you should turn to.
  • If you can hack learning, and be intentional about it in your daily workflow and daily life, then you’ll never feel like you’re falling behind.

The forum is divided into different sub-forums to make it easy for new members to find their category of design, whether it’s web or graphic. Just as the name says, this is a community of graphic designers and 3D artists. With the free plan you get limited resources in the community, but with the premium you get unlimited access to courses, books, featured tech talks, and more. It is easy to use, and it covers almost all questions you might have about the sections.

SAP Mobile Technology

The community provides guides, tutorials, trends for developers, a Q/A section, and much more. You can also easily share your code, as well as collaborate with others on their code. This feature makes it both a very useful and interesting programming and coding community. Their main goal is to make life easier by providing customers with great yet affordable software. I want to help those of you who are looking for a good community to join according to your interests and skills. So I’ve gathered a few of the top communities that focus on the front-end, back-end, blogging, and more to help you get started and meet your fellow developers.

  • Most of the time they experience this issue when they opening the app.
  • Even before Carl Pei’s official announcement that he would be leaving OnePlus, there were already rumblings that he was going to start an exciting new chapter with the launch of a new company.
  • Code Newbie started out as a weekly twitter chat providing helpful support to people learning to code.
  • Building cross-platform apps has always been amazing with Ionic but Vue being Vue, it’s of course super smooth and straightforward.

The Web Developer Forum is a simple site focused on learning web development and programming. It’s categorized into sections where web developers and designers learn and share how to design websites, build mobile applications, create WordPress themes, write HTML and JavaScript, and more.

Ionic is built to perform fast on the all of the latest mobile devices. Build apps with a small footprint and built-in best practices like hardware accelerated transitions, touch-optimized gestures, pre-rendering, and more.

  • By building it, you will learn and strengthen your React Native and Javascript skills.
  • Here you will find the latest and trending topics at the top of the list for modern web designers and graphic artists.
  • Why on earth did I not jump in @Ionicframework and @capacitorjs earlier?!
  • Code Project is a community for computer programmers with articles on different topics and programming languages such as web development, software development, C++, Java, and other topics.
  • Or will the app database itself use a shared database as well?
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